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Find out what dealers and collectors have actually paid for antique grandfather, mantel or wall clocks like yours. Covers American, European and Continental clocks of all types.

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Antique Clocks Price Guide Forum :: Repair and Restoration
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Restore General Electric Clock Model ExecutiveKnoxj112/10/2017 06:30PM by Knoxj
Ansonia Mantle Clock FaceLesG210/26/2016 08:38PM by LesG
Vincenti & Co Clock Repair or Partsrchunn101/26/2016 01:08PM by rchunn
Brass Doors for Crystal Regulatorcoolyus109/24/2015 06:30PM by coolyus
Info on an International Time Recorder wall clockzwolinskib109/17/2015 09:43AM by zwolinskib
Manufacturers Of Crystal Regulatorscoolyus108/19/2015 01:36PM by coolyus
Repair & Adjust Ship Bell Movementcoolyus108/19/2015 01:33PM by coolyus
Mainspring Barrel Info for repairdodell103/31/2015 12:41PM by dodell
need info on how to set clockabeldan15102/12/2015 06:35AM by abeldan15
Need Crystal Regulator Case Partscoolyus109/06/2014 11:34PM by coolyus
seeking clock restorer in/near Fort Myers, Flgerigreg108/23/2014 08:05AM by gerigreg
Jape Frere 1846 pendulum typesuzan101/21/2013 11:46AM by suzan
repair in Illinoisknowlittle112/01/2012 11:27AM by knowlittle
Ansonia Queen ElizabethReddy1118208/09/2011 07:45AM by gbodoh
Preserving reverse painted image (a question).curtis8101/17/2011 06:30PM by curtis8
Need Case Top For Seth Thomas Selma Clock (@ Attachments)coolyus112/26/2010 08:23PM by coolyus
finish for e n welch dickens clockninadotson112/04/2010 08:05PM by ninadotson
Schatz Clock Repairjsavage203/05/2010 06:14PM by jsavage
Looking for Clock Restorer in Marylandjsavage103/05/2010 05:46PM by jsavage
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Restore General Electric Clock Model ExecutiveKnoxj12/10/2017 06:30PM
Re: Ansonia Mantle Clock FaceLesG10/26/2016 08:38PM
Ansonia Mantle Clock FaceLesG10/10/2016 11:40PM
Vincenti & Co Clock Repair or Partsrchunn01/26/2016 01:08PM
Brass Doors for Crystal Regulatorcoolyus09/24/2015 06:30PM
Info on an International Time Recorder wall clockzwolinskib09/17/2015 09:43AM