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Antique Clocks Price Guide Forum :: Requests for Clock Identification and/or Dating
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Take the Forum Poll! Polljsavage103/18/2010 11:25PM by jsavage
need help identifying wall clock (@ Attachments)garrettcub102/05/2018 01:24PM by garrettcub
Info on Small Seth Thomas Clock (@ Attachments)fekoepnick102/03/2018 08:41PM by fekoepnick
Ansonia PorcelainShanleyaz101/31/2018 08:26PM by Shanleyaz
clock (@ Attachments)prusa3111/27/2017 10:08AM by prusa3
John Hocker of Reading (@ Attachments)jab220100111/20/2017 08:24AM by jab220100
Terry and Andrews Steeple Clock Questionrysaro111/10/2017 05:34PM by rysaro
French Garniture Clock ? (@ Attachments)fairbro110/24/2017 02:07AM by fairbro
need help IDing grandfather clock (@ Attachments)emilyjsch109/18/2017 01:04PM by emilyjsch
help needed identifying antique cuckoo clock (black forest style?) (@ Attachments)emilyjsch109/18/2017 12:06PM by emilyjsch
Antique Louis XIV Style Red Boulle Mantel Clock (@ Attachments)mimosa18109/03/2017 04:03PM by mimosa18
I need help, I would like to know the model of my Ansonia clock and mfg date (@ Attachments)phantomron@bellsouth.net108/10/2017 10:08AM by
Need assistance id'ing & pricing mantle clock - Gibraltar Mfg (@ Attachments)luisuibanez108/08/2017 09:14PM by luisuibanez
Trying to find out model number, date and valueDee2129106/22/2017 01:14PM by Dee2129
Identification please (@ Attachments)rgmt79206/07/2017 03:12AM by rgmt79
Badische Uhrenfabrik clock what age (@ Attachments)wysusan106/05/2017 09:13PM by wysusan
Mystery Timing Device Industrial? Scientific? NO NAME what is is for? (@ Attachments)drcwks105/29/2017 01:57PM by drcwks
Synchronous LongBox with Radio&Cabinet (@ Attachments)1bigpisher103/22/2017 01:46PM by 1bigpisher
Antique Clock Identification Help (@ Attachments)jastefanik103/15/2017 01:03PM by jastefanik
Ansonia Regulator clock (@ Attachments)scopet103/03/2017 12:47PM by scopet
Help identify antique wall clock please (@ Attachments)rjt1936102/20/2017 03:24PM by rjt1936
identify and value this clock (@ Attachments)jodyj102/02/2017 11:42AM by jodyj
Seth Thomas Movement #1285 (@ Attachments)cjer101/09/2017 05:20PM by cjer
When did materials change on MCM clocks? (@ Attachments)krisnjohnson112/04/2016 12:17PM by krisnjohnson
Ansonia "Iron 4" model - any information?? (@ Attachments)georgefufu111/18/2016 01:01PM by georgefufu
Need help to identify / describe this grandfather clock please (@ Attachments)wmm2000111/04/2016 08:45AM by wmm2000
Can anyone identify this Ansonia clock?AVR2209/28/2016 05:14PM by eyelean54
Identification pricing carriage clock (@ Attachments)anairenec109/13/2016 02:15PM by anairenec
Gibson & Hodgkin, Birmingham? (@ Attachments)jetkins107/12/2016 11:40PM by jetkins
Seth Thomas Regulator #1cz8667106/17/2016 09:31AM by cz8667
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need help identifying wall clockgarrettcub02/05/2018 01:24PM
Info on Small Seth Thomas Clockfekoepnick02/03/2018 08:41PM
Ansonia PorcelainShanleyaz01/31/2018 08:26PM
clockprusa311/27/2017 10:08AM
John Hocker of Readingjab22010011/20/2017 08:24AM
Terry and Andrews Steeple Clock Questionrysaro11/10/2017 05:34PM