Antique Clocks Price Guide Index

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C.1938, Upson, Merrimans and Co., Bristol, Conn, triple deck shelf clock, restored.
C.1940, James Remind-O-Clock, electric,
C.1940, Lux Clock Mfg Co., Waterbury, Conn., SHMOO (white) figural shelf clock
C.1940, Seth Thomas, Regulator No. 2,
C.1941 (dated dial), Hamilton Watch Co, Lancaster, Pa., "Model 21' Chronometer in excellent original condition with outer carry box intact with original padded lining.
C.1941 (dated), Hamilton Model 21 Ship's chronometer
C.1941 (dated), Seth Thomas, Mark I Ship's Clock,
C.1942, Chelsea Clock Co., "Chelsea" model ship's strike wall clock,
C.1942 (dated), Chelsea for U.S.Navy,
C.1943, Seth Thomas, Black Bakelite Ship"s clock, running.
C.1943, Seth Thomas, WWII Style Phenolic resin ship"s timepiece in good condition.
C.1944, Chelsea, WWII, Black Phenolic Resin ship"s timepiece.
C.1946, Hamilton Watch Co., Lancaster, PA, Model 21 ship"s chronometer, made especially for the U.S. Maritime Commission, and so engraved on dial (see detail photo).
C.1947, Lux "Chalet', Nodding Bird in fair, as-found condition.
C.1947, Lux "Fairview", Model 232, Red, One Day Alarm clock, new-old stock, with original box.
C.1947, Swedish, Westerstrand Urafabrik, Toreboda, gilt wood cartel clock
C.1947, Swiss, Singing Bird Box, in exceptional original condition.
C.1948, DeLuxe Clock Mfg, New York, "' novelty mantel clock, as-found.
C.1948, German, Post War Novelty,
C.1948, German, Schmid-Schlenker, novel "Flower Clock"
C.1948, Lux Annular Dial, or "Tape' Clock in very good condition.
C.1948, Lux Clock Mfg Co., Waterbury, Conn, Organ Grinder and Monkey animated alarm clock,
C.1948, Lux Clock Mfg Co., Waterbury, Conn, Organ Grinder and Monkey animated alarm clock,
C.1948, Toyo Watch Co., Occupied Japan (signed movement), Bird-in-Cage, annular dial timepiece with original stand.
C.1949, Chelsea Clock Co., "Terry" model pillar and scroll mantel clock.
C.1949, Chelsea, Ship"s Bell on Base with Ball Feet, just restored at the Chelsea factory. Serial number 558043.
C.1949, German, Kundo, for Forestville Clock Co, "Louvre' model in excellent original condition.
C.1949, Keebler Clock Co., Philadelphia, Pa, Organ Grinder and Bear animated alarm clock,
C.1949, Keebler Clock Co., Philadelphia, Pa, Organ Grinder and Bear animated alarm clock,
C.1949, Lux Clock Co., "Louis XVI Fob Clock' in good condition.
C.1950, A German 30-hour "over-ocean' alarm clock, now in a purpose made broken arch "tall' case from the same period, by a handy cabinet maker, with cross banded inlay on the bombay base, trunk and hood.
C.1950, German, Musical Cuckoo clock
C.1950, German, novelty "Flower Clock"
C.1950, German, novelty "Flower Clock"
C.1950, German or Swiss, a novelty musical bird cage, with two animated birds that move with the bottom wind music box plays.
C.1950, German, Oswald Uhrenfabrik, Rotating Eye clock,
C.1950, German, Rocking Bird in Cage, with chrome stand on a marble base.
C.1950, German, Singing Bird in Cage, in excellent original condition.
C.1950, German, Whistling Drunk at Lamp-post,
C.1950, German, Whistling Man with Clock.
C.1950, Hamilton Watch Co., Lancaster, PA, , Model 21 ship's chronometer
C.1950, Japan, Tezuka Clock Co, POPPO, blinking eye clock
C.1950, Lux Clock Mfg., "Cat" clock
C.1950 (modern), German reissue Dresden Porcelain china clock
C.1950, Seth Thomas "MEDBURY" Westminster chime tambour clock
C.1950, Sweden, Ljungstrems Urinderal-fabrik, gilt wood cartel clock in the French style, with "Westerstrand' on the well painted convex dial (dial is painted yellow).
C.1950, Swiss, Gubelin, 3-Sided Desk Set,
C.1950, Swiss, JUST, 30-Day specialty desk clock
C.1950, Swiss Musical Alarm Clock,
C.1950, Swiss, "Semca" International Desk Set
C.1951, Swiss, Le Coultre, "Atmos', from a home in Biddeford, Maine, serial number 51392.
C.1953, German, 1) Schatz mini 400-Day,
C.1953, German, Wurthner-Western, 400-Day clock, chrome, from storage.
C.1954, Kaiser "Standard World' 400 Day clock.
C.1954, Kaiser "Universe' 400 Day clock.
C.1954, Kaiser "Universe' 400 Day clock.
C.1954, Swiss, LeCoultre, ATMOS clock
C.1955, German, Kieninger and Obergfell, 1.5v., battery powered electro-magnetic desk clock with plexiglass rear cover and dial.
C.1955, German, (Lot of two) mechanical
C.1955, German, Schatz, "Royal Mariner' Ship"s Bell clock in ship"s wheel motif, with matching aneroid barometer, and in working order.
C.1955, German, Schatz, "Royal Mariner' Ship"s Bell clock with full size external bell, mounted on original chip-board board with mahogany veneer.
C.1955, Jefferson Electric Co., 110 volt electric Golden Hour mystery clock,
C.1955, Jefferson Electric Co, Bellwood, IL, "Golden Hour' mystery clock (110 volt).
C.1955, Seth Thomas, 110v electric "Plymouth" tambour clock
C.1955, Swiss, Gubelin, 3-Sided Desk Frame with, with 8-day clock, thermometer and barometer.
C.1955, Swiss, LeCoultre Rue de la Paix "Street Clock", mini souvenir clock.
C.1955, Swiss, LeCoultre Rue de la Paix "Street Clock", mini souvenir clock.
C.1955, U.S.S.R., Majak Crystal Clock on Black base.
C.1957, Swiss, Le Coultre, ATMOS clock
C.1959, LeCoultre, Switzerland, Atmos clock.
C.1959, Swiss, LeCoultre, ATMOS shelf clock
C.1960, A Reproduction Mini Tall Case.
C.1960 (contemporary), Miniature Howard banjo clock.
C.1960, English, "Rolling Ball" Clock.
C.1960, English, Rolling Ball Clock,
C.1960, German, "Clock Peddler', Whistler, carrying a load of clocks on his back and one in his right arm that actually works.
C.1960, German, "Whistling Drunk' , a carved figure leaning against a lamp post, with batteries in the base that light the lamp while he is whistling.
C.1960, Reproduction, William Munroe, Concord, Mass, shelf clock.
C.1960, Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Miniature Pillar and Scroll clock
C.1960, Swiss, Le Coultre, "Baguette' clock in very good original condition.
C.1960, Swiss "NOAHS ARK" commemorative desk clock.
C.1961, Elmer O. Stennes, Weymouth, Mass small tall case, or "grandmother' clock in very good original condition.
C.1962, LeCoultre, Switzerland, Atmos clock.
C.1963, Swiss, LeCoultre, "Atmos', Calibre 528-6, serial number 157147, with styrofoam carry box.
C.1965, a grandmother clock.
C.1965, German, Badische Uhrenfabrik, reproduction Stuhl or Zaanse clock for the Dutch market.
C.1965, German, "Sale m' Ship"s Bell striking wall clock, mounted to a rectangular piece of walnut.
C.1965, Horolovar Co., Bronxville, NY, "Flying Pendulum Clock"
C.1965, Swiss Le Coultre "Atmos" Self Winding clock.
C.1966, Elmer O. Stennes, Weymouth, Mass., banjo clock
C.1966, Swiss, Le Coultre, "Atmos' Self winding clock, "runs on air'.
C.1967 (dated inside cover) German, Whistler depicting a black man in 1930"s attire, striped pants, orange tie and large flower in his lapel.
C.1970, A Reproduction Aaron Willard shelf clock.
C.1970, Chelsea Clock Co., Chelsea, Mass. 8-day "The Willard Banjo". Clock
C.1970, Chelsea, Ship's Strike,on base with ball feet,
C.1970, Dutch Reproduction Wall Clock, with eight day West German movement, striking on the bell that supports Atlas on top the clock.
C.1970, Japan, Fuji Clock Co., 8-Day swinging mystery timepiece
C.1970, Swiss, "Just Clock Co.", bronze desk clock
C.1974, German, for Horolovar Co., NY, repro of the famous Ignatz flying pendulum clock, as-found.
C.1975, A case of 24 replacement domes for 400 day clocks, 5.3' diameter by 10.75 tall, in original case but would require additional packing for safe shipment.
C.1975, Chelsea Clock Co., Chelsea, Mass. Mantel Clock
C.1975, English, Reproduction of a first century clepsydra or water clock.
C.1975, German, Gravity Clock, Wall mount with front swinging cow"s tail pendulum; reproduction of a 16th Century model.
C.1975, German, Horolovar (C. Terwilliger) reproduction of the famous Briggs rotary clock.
C.1975, Korean, "Columbia' New Old Stock spring wound wall clock, 8-day.
C.1975, Korean Wall Clock, a copy of New Haven "Grecian' wall clock.
C.1975, Questar Corp., New Hope, PA, a"Questar' reflecting telescope designed for photographic work.
C.1976, Terwilliger, Clock Trade Enterprises, "HOROLOVAR"
C.1978 (dated slip), Swiss, for Tiffany, Carriage Clock, time, strike, repeat and alarm, in good original condition and working order.
C.1978, LeCoultre "Atmos' perpetual motion clock, serial number 500,383, calibre 528-8, with lift out front door.
C.1978 (modern), William A. Kilbourn banjo clock
C.1979 (dated brochure), as new, "World Clock', as designed by the Royal Geographic Society, and distributed in the US by Franklin Mint. We opened the box for the first time on this clock which was purchased new and put in storage unopened by a Nebraska collector. It has a Swiss 15-jewel movement by Imhof. It does still tick, but will likely need oiling after setting in the box for 20 years. The globe and annular dial rotate once per day. You get the original box, literature and letter of "authenticity'. This clock was around
C.1979, Swiss, Le Coultre, "Atmos' Self winding clock, "runs on air'.
C.1980, Chinese (People"s Republic), repro-duction cloisonne crystal regulator, as found, serial number 26.
C.1980, Mass area, Repro of Howard No. 5 Banjo clock.
C.1980, Swiss, Le Coultre, "Atmos' Self winding clock, "runs on air'.
C.1981 (dated label), E. Howard and Co. Banjo Clock, re-issue of the Model 95.
C.1981 (dated label), E. Howard and Co. Banjo Clock, re-issue of the Model 95.
C.1983 (modern), reproduction of the Royal Observatory Conical Pendulum Clock,
C.1983, reproduction "Imperial Fan Clock"
C.1984, E. Howard and Co., Boston Re-issue Presentation banjo clock
C.1984, Swiss, Faberge, "Swan Lake Musical Clock"
C.1985, American Fret Work wall clock, 8-day, time.
C.1988, Dutch, Reproduction Stoelklok Wall clock
C.1990, Chinese re-issue of late 18th century verge with double fusee bracket clock
C.1990, German, Triple Chime (8-rod) wall clock
C.1995 (modern) Pillar and Scroll.
C.1995 (modern), reproduction Dachluhr, wall clock
C.1995 (modern), reproduction Dachluhr, wall clock
C.1995 (modern), reproduction mini Serpentine Vienna regulator wall clock
C.1998, Hungarian replica of a Veinnese mini 1-weight regulator.
C.1998, Hungarian replica of a Viennese mini Dachluhr, 1-weight, time with a porcelain dial and well made movement with silk thread suspension and steel pendulum with brass bob.
C.1998, Hungarian replica of a Viennese mini Laterndluhr (style of 1810).
C.1999, Chelsea, "Millenium", Ship's Strike clock on pedestal, new.
C. and L.C. Ives Triple Decker Shelf Clock
C.1914, Ansonia Clock Co, "24 Inch Gallery' in mahogany and in very nice restored condition.
Capodimonte porcelain 3 piece garniture, circa 1860
Carter, L.F. and W.W. calendar clock, No. 2 Case, circa 1865
Carved Oak Case Bracket Clock, Circa 1890
Carved Oak Cased Bracket Clock, c. 1890; probably German
Cast Iron Front Mantel Clock , circa 1850
Cast Iron Front Mantel Clock , circa 1850
Cast Iron Shelf Clock
Cast Iron Visible Escapement Clock
Chauncy Jerome Ogee Style Wall or Shelf Clock, circa 1880
Chauncy Jerome Shelf Clock, circa 1835
Chelsea 8" Ship's Clock, circa 1930
Chelsea Bronze Mantle Clock
Chelsea Bronze Tambour Style Striking Clock., circa 1920
Chelsea Mahogany Bracket Clock, c. 1930?
Chelsea Marine Chronometer, circa 1940's
Chelsea Marine Chronometer, circa 1940's
Chelsea Marine Chronometer, circa 1944, Feburary 12
Chelsea Ship Chronometer, circa 1920's Serial Number 126842
Chelsea Ship's Bell, circa 1942
Chelsea Ships Clock, circa1970-85, on walnut stand
Chelsea U.S. Navy Deck Clock, circa 1941
Chinese Bracket Clock
Chinese Mantel Clock, circa 1920
Chinese Wall Hanging Clock, circa 1840
Cincinnati Time Recorder
circa 1860
Cloisonne Temple Clock, Contemporary
Cobalt Blue Garniture Set
Colonial Pinwheel Wall Clock, circa 1976
Connecticut Kitchen Clock, circa 1890
Continental Picture Frame Clock, early 19th century
Continental Soldier Blinker, circa 1860
Continental Wag-on-the-Wall clock, circa 1810
Corniche Carree Carriage Clock
Crystal Palace Shelf Clock, Circa 1880.
Daniel Burnap Tall Case Clock, Circa 1780.
Daniel Pratt's Sons Rosewood clock case., circa 19th century
Danish painted tallcase clock, circa 1860
Darche Bank and alarm clock, circa 1910
Double Dial Calander Clock, Circa 1866.
Double Dial Waterbury Calendar Clock, Circa 1890.
Dresden China Figural Clock, circa 1830
Drop Octagon wall calendar regulator, circa 1900
Dutch Friesland wall clock, circa 1840
Dutch Marquetry clock, circa 1830's
Dutch Staartklok Wall Clock, circa 1870
Dutch Wall Clock, 20th century
Dutch Zandam Wall Clock
E. Howard Wall Clock, Circa 1925.
E. Ingraham Black Wood clock with marbleized columns, circa 1900's
E. Ingraham black wood mantel clock, circa 1880's
E. Ingraham black wood mantel clock., circa 1890's
E. Ingraham Black Wood mantel clock., circa 1910
E. Ingraham Calander Regulator " NORTHWESTERN", circa 1909
E. Ingraham Co. Gingerbread Mantel Clock, circa 1875
E. Ingraham " DAISY" Walnut Kitchen Clock, circa 1910
E. Ingraham "DORIC", circa 1880
E. Ingraham "Doric " clock, circa 1880
E. Ingraham "Doric " clock, circa 1880
E. Ingraham Enameled Wood, circa 1904
E. Ingraham "INGOT" School House clock, circa 1910
E. Ingraham Kitchen Clock. , circa 1895
E. Ingraham mantel Clock, circa 1880
E. Ingraham regulator with calendar works clock, circa 1890